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Our mission is to provide opportunities that enrich the lives of those in need through various programs and resources not available to everyone.

About Us: 1 Step Further Community Center, Inc. is a non-profit with 501(c)3 status located in the Sugar Land area and serves the Houston and surrounding areas. We offer and assist with restoring hope to troubled lives. Our sole mission is to make a difference in lives by providing beneficial services of quality, dignity, and value in a supportive environment, promoting health, healing, and positive social interactions to all eligible individuals served. We are not just another organization, yet one who will really care, value and respect everyone in need. We stand dedicated throughout our mission towards the prevention of bullying, domestic violence issues, child abuse, child, senior neglect, homelessness and most of all hunger relief to all. The Seniors program: Is a very special program and will serve towards the  assistance for the disabled and or Elderly individuals with immediate needs, such as changing light bulbs and ensuring proper A/C & Heating is working in their homes in the summer and winter months or as needed. We simply offer help to those that are experiencing major hardships, we will refer clients to other agencies in the event that we can not assist them. Our COMMUNITY is at the heart of our best interest! Here is where positive GROWTH begins and Continues! 1 Step Further Community Center, Inc.

We Provide: We aim to do our part by preventing molestation in the homes, schools and daycare systems where our children thrive and learn. By effectively educating and offering prevention strategies for a safer environment to school age children against predators and more. Alleviate: 1 Step aims directly to change hunger for all so that no individual goes without eating at any giving time.  

We Educate: We will break the cycle and educate parents on issues, such as ways to prevent child abuse, anger management, bullying in schools as most of the time it begins at home. Learning effective ways and awareness towards who and how to choose good caretakers, while raising good strong children in a stress-free environment. Prevent: We also want to certainly prevent unnecessary deaths to women, infants and children by providing adequate educational tools and resources. Stress and poverty are a couple of areas that causes these issues in and around the home.  

Our Future Projects: We will be working on a very special project to develop a Summer Camp for school aged children and youth, kids will have the opportunity to enjoy their summers in a safe, fun, and educating environment. Filled with enrichment classes that educates against bullying, emotional issues and ways to effectively solve issues in a more positive way rather than violence.


1 Step F. C. C embraces the diversity in our communities, and we assist everyone without regard to race, ethnicity, color, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, gender identity, veteran status, disability, marital status, genetic information, sexual orientation, citizenship and or expression.
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We Strongly advocate for school aged children and teens safety, while in public schools. By teaching them that it is okay to tell someone or SEEK help...and that it's perfectly okay, to confide in someone trust Campaign. Program will be ongoing, to prevent children from harm and teens from potentially engaging in suicide. Parents grieve throughout the child's ordeal,  Loosing a child is one of the most devastating ordeal that a parent may have to experience in their life.  This is why the no bullying prevention is so important to this organization. No child should suffer while attending any learning institution.


Compassion, hard work, drive and sincerity is who we are! Want to Help? Volunteers are always needed and appreciated, we will select the most caring and sincere volunteers to be on board with us. 

501 (C)(3) Registered Transparent Organization, working in the full interest of our community! Your donations are tax-deductible.